A Profound Experience

“Rebecca is really good at this and she is knowledgeable and professional. After my first session in which I talked with her about my propensity to procrastinate doing some cleaning up and organizing, I found myself cleaning my room and organizing a whole bunch of stuff I hadn’t touched in months. It has been a very helpful and profound experience to work with her and I look forward to future sessions.” Jennifer S.

Powerful Time Shared Together

“I have had two sessions with Rebecca, indeed very enlightening. What a powerful time we shared together. By talking to her I was able to listen to myself and find deeper understanding and beliefs that were blocking me from congruency, a happy life. I found fears that manifest in unconscious actions in my every day life, and just by being aware of them, lately I can see myself more happy, full of joy, and eager to see her again so I can go higher in my evolution. Thank you Rebecca for being, and being part of my life. You have been a huge God blessing to my soul. Thank you.” Alba Rosa G.

Simple and Effective

“I love Rebecca’s coaching–simple and effective.  In her presence my mind is quiet and answering her questions  I realize what the solutions are for my situations, and guess what? It is always about me, something that is knocking at my door to be changed. Simple.” Maribel M.

She Provided a Safe and Loving Space

“I found the coaching sessions with Rebecca very helpful. Each time she provided a safe and loving space for me. I had profound realizations about myself and who I really am. Thank you, Rebecca.” Elizabeth S.

Actual Resolution Comes from Your Own Consciousness

“I would like to express my gratitude to Rebecca for her keen insight into what is happening in my world. She is able to hear beyond the words spoken and help lead you from seeming chaos to a logical pathway to accomplish your goals or get through conflicts. The actual resolution comes from your own consciousness, so it made a lot of sense to me to find where I need to go in my thinking and actions to change unwanted behaviors. Thank you Rebecca.” Sharon P.