Power Dialogues

Power Dialogues is a coaching system based on the fact that our beliefs create our thoughts, which create our feelings, which result in our behaviors. Power Dialogues expands upon the classic stimulus-response concept, from modern psychology, “filling in the gap” with an approach of “stimulus-belief-response.” The stimulus is anything of which we are aware—a thought, a smile, a gesture, feeling inside of us. The response is how react or respond.
(Yes, they are different).

The reason we respond or react the way we do is because we have a belief about something, which triggers an emotional reaction inside of us. Some of our beliefs our so hidden we are unaware of them, and some are so obvious we don’t even see them. So, by discovering our beliefs about why we react the way we do, we can change it. Again, once we become aware of something, we have the conscious choice to change it.

In my approach to coaching, I use Power Dialogues based on the belief that we are our own best experts. While perhaps not always apparent, no one knows us better than we know ourselves. As such, all of the answers we seek are inside of us. What the coach mainly does is ask questions from a loving, non-judgmental, accepting place, imagining only the best for the person, trusting in both the client and the process. The questions in each session are opportunities to discover and crystalize what a person already knows inside of himself or herself. This is why Power Dialogues is such a simple process—the coach merely guides you by asking questions until you discover your own solutions.