Beliefs create thoughts, which create feelings, which result in behaviors. " We are creating our reality as well as experiencing what we have created. We are the artists as well as the art, suggesting that we have the power to alter what we experience." Robert Tennyson Stevens

Rebecca is the Life Coach
Who Helps People to Connect With Themselves
By Discovering Their Beliefs.


“We empower a belief by collecting evidence to support it.”


“All language is creative and creates either negative or positive experiences.”


“Where you look affects how you feel.”

Beliefs are Conclusions

"Beliefs are conclusions we form (or are taught) about ourselves, other people,
events or objects in the universe. We use beliefs to make sense of the world, to make the world digestible and
to set a course for our actions and responses. Simply stated, we freely choose to create, adopt
and discard beliefs as our way of taking care of ourselves. We do so with the best of intentions. However,
many of our beliefs result in self defeating behavior and sensations/feelings of discomfort."

Barry Kaufman, Co-founder The Option Institute

For Women Who Are Committed to Take Their Life to the Next Level.

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